Girl jumps into fray to ‘expose’ J&K sexploiters

Inside her cramped house, Gousia Islam, 25, makes desperate calls to the police for another security vehicle needed for her canvassing. Few minutes later she comes out of her dilapidated home along with a handful of campaign managers and starts marching on foot caring too little for her security in this volatile township.


From tailor to teacher, from cab driver to horse-cart owner, she goes to everyone pleading to vote for her because she wants “to expose the people who exploited young girls in Kashmir”.

A BA political science student, Gousia’s unique plank has caught the attention of the people in this militancy-infested township which was once known as the corridor of terror. She is pitted against three political stalwarts in this constituency and her slogan may not be enough to help her in romping home.

What has prompted Gousia to jump into the poll fray was the harassment suffered at the “hands of her own people” who she does not want to name. “I have suffered in silence and I do not want people to suffer like me. I have joined politics to expose the top notch people involved in the sexploitation so that the society is rid of these black sheep”, she says.

Though bereft of any political background, she has formed an organization called Garib Nawaz Party which she says will fight for the poor and downtrodden who do not get justice because of the rich and mighty. “I have formed a committee which is preparing a list of the people involved in the sexploitation. This list will be forwarded to governor and if he does not take action, it will be made public,” she adds.

Gousia’s poverty and personal tragedy has made her stronger and she wants to fight to the finish. “It is my appeal to people to throw those leaders out of the power who support the corrupt, sexploitators and smugglers. You can call me anytime and ask questions and I will be glad to reply,” she drives her point home in small hamlets around Bandipora which were once a hotbed of militancy.


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  1. sajad replied:

    i am with gousia .i canbe the best and good supporter of gousia and will fight for the rights of girls and espacially against the dirty poltical poersons


  2. rameez abass hussain shirazi replied:

    well i must say,
    well done.
    i dont have any sort of power but if i had any , i would have been with u all the way till u accomplish the task which u have started…

    now that u are into the intermediate of this task I appeal to all the people of kashmir especially the srinagar people who think that they are more sensible ( but at last they end up no where by electing the wrong man to represent them worldwide ) to VOTE FOR GAUSIA….

    for me i need the peacefull kashmir to live in … i dont want these corrupt kind of politicians to sell our kashmir’s integrity, brotherhood ,.

    We must keep it in mind that keeping all the history of kashmir in mind that whatsoever happens we ultimately are the indians….we must love india… wat are we fighting for ..
    to stay with pakistan … who himself cant give the proper shelter for its own people..

    brush up ur minds all kashmiri people.. wake up… dont wait untill we loose all that wat we made till date…

    JAI HIND …

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