Truths Untold & True story behind the Ambedkar Law coll Clash & violence








I personally interviewed MADHAN,a law college student who escaped from such an incident and witnessed the entire scenario right from the start of the clash.The main reasons behind were unfolded by Madhan. Madhan said  ” Oct 30th was Mr. Devar’s anniversary,as a result the Devar caste students of Ambedkar law college published and printed posters and stuck them to all corners of the city.In that poster Mr Devar’s photo was present and a few lines hailing him were present.Below a small note contained wishes by the Ambedkar college Devar caste students’ wishes (WITHOUT ANY PICTURE OR ANY QUOTE OF MR.AMBEDKAR).As a result the SC students of that college were humiliated and targeted the Devar caste students.The action plan was planned in the morning and carried out in the evening.All tha students involved were boozed leading to aN UNCONTROLLABLE HAVOC.Also he said the previous enemity behind the two groups made the issue more heated and led to a fierce clash between the students of the 2 castes.The students who finished the exams were targeted and those who came to rescue was not spared too!!!! I ran to the canteen behind which there is a small wall through which I escaped unhurt.I have seen many clashes in college but this clash happens to be my worst experience.You cant see how the students cried for help and how the attack was brutal.Icouldn sleep 1 whole night ” he added.

For More Details Click Here:Ambedkar law college Violence Full story

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  1. Violence among Ambedkar law college students,Chennai « Bulletmani’s Weblog replied:

    […] on November 13, 2008 at 4:59 pm Truths Untold & True story behind the Ambedkar Law coll Clash & violence « Bulletmani&… […]

  2. Vengat replied:

    I saw the clashes on TV. Its horrible. We are in a hopeless situation. These students along with their parents should be put behind bars.

    They should be subjected to third degree treatent and should be made an example for the future students. Its these two castes which creates trouble in our society. Ironically the bigger leaders who have sacrificed a lot for the society have come from other castes and the people of those castes dont use their pictures to rally around.

    Tamil politicians modus operandi is to appeal to these tribal feelings and I hope these asinine students will realise fast.

    When I think about law abiding students, I am worried how those students would survive among these goos.

  3. C.Kumar replied:

    Though the visuals are horrible, it portrayed all violence is like this only. When we read it as a ‘news’ it wont hurt us this much. Killing a north Indian in a rail would have also been like this. All those in the visuals should be brought to books. These students are not going to achieve anything by becoming a lawyers. They are animals.
    Police also hereafter need not come out of police stations and they can sleep in their chairs. We have seen their inactions during local body elections, news paper office burning incidents.

  4. Balaji viswanathan replied:

    It is a sad state of modern India when brutal violence is started just be not mentioning the full name of the college or putting a quote of a person in the posters.

    Fire the students on both sides of the caste divide, who were involved in this. India can do without such lawyers. And while at it, consider removing the names of political leaders from public instuitions irrepective of their caste.

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