Violence among Ambedkar law college students,Chennai


The Ambedkar law college students clashed with each other creating a chaos at their college permises. The Police later intervened and stopped the mob.The complaint was lodged by the college principal to control the clash.There were a few cops who just watched the scenario during the start of the fight.Students used Iron rods and wooden logs as weapons and started attacking the other students who were returning from the exams in the evening.The main reason is yet to be known,sources say its internal politics.Police arrested 4 persons regarding the issue.

Truths Untold & true story behind the c;ash-Exclusive

chennai law college Students hospitalised–click here


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  3. Sundera Pandyan replied:

    Respect for fellow human must be taught from 1st standard in School. The deep rooted hatred based on caste is evident from this incident. When i studied in Loyola college Chennai, there was a similar incident (not along caste lines though) when Pachayappa’s college students were beaten up in Loyola college in a misunderstanding between two groups. In subsequent days Loyola students were beatenup in neighbouring areas and the college had to be closed for more than two weeks. This incident has the potential to spread and cause more backlash.

    The authorities should contain this event and make sure there are no more clashes. This is a black mark in the histroy of India.

  4. Kutti replied:

    Law is dark room and lawyers bring light
    Police are people friend and protector
    Please laugh loud and roll on the ground, it become joke last week

    I was not able to sleep. I am shame and afraid about future of our city, our state, and our country.

    We are fighting for innocent Tamils in Srilanka. I am fine with that, we cannot protect people that is getting killed in front of police in center of city. Shame on us, let us be proud after creating society that is filled with peer respect, love and affection.

    Law should punish the individuals severely that involved in deadly act. Punishment should be lesson for other students.

    Braveness is not beating someone to death. Gandhiji’s brave is stand before your enemy with stubborn heart. Jesus brave is love the enemy even when he hurts you. They stand history for good. Arrogant students will stand history for bad example.

  5. Jeffin replied:

    Dear All,
    Not to be panic seeing such clash’s, its gonu be common. u know why??! our law n order dept: doesn’t has “BALLS” to act against any guilty!

  6. Mithun replied:

    Well,… even if the guys whos getting beaten up in this case is someone who deserves a death sentence, this is not how to do it,… this is clean human rights voilation,.. I dont think any human can beat up even a mad stray dog like that… Our Law and order Dept should see to it that the voilators get the punishment, they deserve..

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