Autopsy for Jett Travolta

An autopsy is to be performed to Jett Travolta 16, the late son of John Travolta (54) and Kelly Preston (46) and brother of Ella(8). He died on Friday and the autopsy is planned on Monday. Jett Travolta died at the family vacation in Bahamas. According to sources a house care taker found him unconscious early in the morning on Friday. He apparently believed to have hit his head against the bath tub and fell unconscious. He was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was declared dead.

Jett Travolta is believed to have been suffering from Kawasaki Syndrome a rare disease, also known as lymph node syndrome, is a febrile illness that affects many organs, skin colour,mucous membrane, blood vessel walls and heart.

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A Visit to the Dentist

My tooth hurt through the night. I had to take a painkiller to lessen the pain. Worst of all I did not get a wink of sleep the whole night through. The next morning. I told mymother about my toothahe. It was obvious I could not go to college. So instead she took me to the dentist. I was horrified, but I had no choice. The nurse came and opened the door. I was the first patient. She wrote down my particulars and told meto wait a moment. The dentist had not arrived yet. Meanwhile the tooth still ahed me.  I sat down on the reclining chairwhile the dentist kept saying some reassuring words. I relaxed some what. He aske dme to open my mouth. On seeing, he said that the tooth had come out. He gave a small injection and miraculously all pain diaappeared. And befor knowing what had happened he asked me to get down from the chair and said that the tooth had been removed. I did not even feel it. The visit to the dentist was not too bad after all.

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