Mystery of Thousand Shoes

Mystery prevails over thousands of pair of old shoes that are scattered along the palmetto express highway near Miami. No witness has come forward to solve the mystery.
Theories evolved to solve the mystery:
1) A truck’s door may have accidentally opened without the notice of the driver so that the shoes may have fallen out.
2) An “intricate prank”.
3) May be a big political commentary over President Bush’s shoe dodging experience in Iraq.

According to police thousands of work boots, bathroom slippers, tennis sneakers and sports boots were explicitly thrown before 8.00 am.A private contractor was hired to bag the sea of soles and dump them in an empty field.
The Florida highway patrol took almost 4 hours to clean up the entire mess and contacted the local and national charity.

January 4, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , , . news.


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