Versatile Quality:

The system features innovate technolgy,good design and easy to use functionally ,and can be fitted to a range of entertainment options for any home.With the ability to support full HD resolution content,the BDP-S350 Blu-Ray DVD player displays interactive features such as access to the latest updates.Featuring an external port to enable extra storage capacity,the player can upscale standard definition DVD’s to near HD quality.It consumes 21% less power in playback mode and 43% less in standby mode.The home theatre system has been designed to match SONY’s range of Blu-Ray disc players.It offers a powerful listening experienced from the 5.1 channel sorround sound and 1,000 Watts output.Three HDMI connections brings together all of your multimedia devices.The speakers will be calibrated automatically according to placement and distance.

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Beware of the Deadly Virus

A virus is a program that enters the compter system by attaching itself to another program and then spreads itself across the system.

Types of Virus:

1)Macro virus

2)Network Virus

3)Logic Bomb

4)Boot sector virus

5)Multipartite Virus

6)Stealth Virus

Other Harmful Programs:

1)Trojan Horse

2) Worm

Protective Measures to prevent Viruses: 

1)Install a good antivirus software.

2)Update it Regularly

3)Avoid downloading programs for unknown sources

4)Scan your floppies,CD’s,Flash Drives before usage.

5)Avoid pirated software.

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