This is a story about JEROME PARKER, a tea supplier working in a tea stall adjacent to the main road of a popular town. The story revolves around him from the age of 6 to 60, the distress, the difficulties, the challenges he faced during that period.

Jerome Parker at the age of six started his life as a tea supplier following the demise of his parents. He had an uncle, a bad alcoholic who spends his time fully in drinks. Sad Jerome Parker had to make work hard for his brother and sister left behind by his parents. Clara and Stephen were only three years old and were not in a position  to realize that their parents are dead. But Jerome took great care of them. He made them study in a corporation school and took over their schooling expenses too. He had to work day and night to make  their living expenses. His only entertainment was his cycle with which he goes around and supplies tea to vendors and other people. Thank God his master James was a kind hearted man who was the only person to hire Jerome and supported his living. James, who owns the tea shop had no relatives. His beautiful wife and his charming son both died in a bomb blast that shattered the town a few weeks before(Jerome’s parents too lost their lives in the same blasts). Poor James saw Jerome in the form of his dead son and took good care of him.

To be continued……


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  1. narayanan replied:

    Great story….I like james very much…waitn for ur other episides..

  2. lionking02 replied:

    Eagerly waitin for your other episodes….

  3. excellent services replied:

    waiting for other episode….

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