Jerome worked in the tea shop for almost 8 years and he had to change his job for a still more better living as the day to day expenses increased as they grew up. He joined a lathe factory as a trainee mechanic for a decent salary that was sufficient to take care of his family. Then he happened to meet Anderson another trainee of the same age who became his close friend as time passed by. It was time for Jerome’s brother and sister who  started off their higher education which often demanded more money. Most of the time Anderson proved to be a helping hand during tough times that prevailed in Jerome’s family. It was the time Jerome fell in love with Anna, the daughter of his senior trainer. Jerome felt very much afraid and shy to propose her. Every time he would try to approach her and return without disclosing anything. After a long struggle of 2 years with his conscience he made up his mind and approached her. It was Christmas time, fun and enjoyment were in no limits in that town. He dressed up to his best and waited outside the St. Peter’s Church where she will drop in daily to offer her prayers. It was 5 in the evening,  as usual she finished her prayers and came outside. She saw him waiting near the banyan tree next to the parking lot. She crossed the place and saw Jerome walking towards her with a smile.

To be Continued…….

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