Zebras actually belong to the family of horses. Their habitats are grasslands, arid lands and the savannahs. Their food is mainly grass but they also consume small leaves,herbs,buds and twigs.


A Zebra’s black and white stripes are meant to help camouflage the animals in its terrain. The stripes are narrow at the face and neck and broadened across the chest area. It has a long hairy tail. Each Zebra has a unique stripe pattern.


There are different types of Zebra-the common Zebra and the Grevy’s Zebra being the most well known. It is about 8-feet long and weighs about 275Kg! Two races of the common zebra exist and they vary slightly in their appearance and habitat.


In southern Kenya the common zebras have a faint dark stripe in the centre of each white stripe while those in the north have pure white stripes. The bright stripes are not as effective camouflage as the dull ones!


The gravy’s zebra is rarer than the common zebra and can be found only in the northern part of   Kenya or in Uganda. It can be recognized by its narrower stripes and almost gray color also has a hairy mane across the neck and back. It is a bigger species and weighs about 350kg!!!!

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