Air tran airways apologizes

9 Muslim people were refused to continue their travel in the Air Tran Airways from midway as one of them were alleged of discussing about issues that were a threat to security of fellow travellers. One among the Muslim family was discussing about the safest place in the plane to sit. This conversation was misunderstood by the neighbor travellers and was escalated to the pilot. Later those Muslim members were kicked off from the plane in the midway and were interrogated by the FBI agents for the conversation they had in the plane. As a result of the FBI interview, they were proved of no fault. It was just a misunderstanding which had caused a serious issue this way.

Though the Airways justify that they have acted like this to ensure complete security to their customers, it’s a bitter fact that these Muslim people were racially discriminated from the other travellers. Because they had a traditional look with beards and religious dresses, they were forced to undergo the unnecessary interview by the FBI agents. I feel this act of Air Tran is definitely condemnable. The Air Tran now apologizes for the inconvenience caused by them to the Muslim family. Though the airways are now ready to compensate for their travel expenses, the Muslim family is not ready to accept the explanation. Its high time that the Airways should review its policies and stop causing irrelevant disputes in the name of security. A mountain was made out of the mole!!

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