Pakistan targets India

After the Mumbai attacks,India is very cautious about the terror attack and intelligence bureau is working on that.The recent information provided is,the Pakistan based militants and Pakistan hackers have planned to hack the Indian websites and to crash the whole Indian network. There are so many downloading sites that are originating from Pakistan.From these sites you can download songs,movies and other valuable informations.Its been said that with these sites Pakistan is trying to infilitrate the virus into the Indian websites and with these they can hack the whole security system as well as the intelligence records. The sites like and are the ones where the downloading is done.Nearly 12 lakhs viewers are there each day in these sites.So it will be easier for the hackers to get control of these sites.When you download there may be a suspicious malware or spyware sent along with the download and your system can be hacked and so the Indian websites. No action can be taken against these sites,since their origin is from Paksitan.But the intelligence officials urged people not to use these websites for downloading, since they may get hacked. Terrorism has developed in all cases and now its our part to upgrade ourselves.The Indian defence records should be highly secured and should not get into the hands of these anti-social elements.

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