A.R.Rahman reaches Chennai

Alla Rakka Rahman, the muscian of India who won two oscars for his name and music returned to his motherland.His arrival was a suprise one.But some how news leaked and his die hard fans gathered in Chennai airport and gave him a warm welcome.With drums sound played by “Siva mani” and with Kerala style, AR RAHMAN was amused.He deserves all these reception and a separate function has to be taken for him.

His Tamil sentence in Oscar Ceremony,still reflects in the hearts of million Tamils. Hail Rahman….

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best tennis rackets

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Chennai Lawyers Protest

Over 150 lawyers were arrested on Friday for participating in a protest march outside the Tamil Nadu secretariat. They were agitating against the violence in the Madras High Court complex on Thursday.

Madras Bar Association President S. Prabhakaran was also arrested.

Earlier, the lawyers’ agitation issue dominated proceedings in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

As soon as the session started, opposition members demanded that the Question Hour be postponed to discuss Thursday’s violence in which more than 100 lawyers were injured.

The Madras High Court has ordered a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the violence.

Over 100 lawyers were injured outside the Madras High Court after police baton charged them for attacking Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy

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