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Eros International and Ayngaran International have finally washed their hands off their prestigious mega budget project – Endhiran. Putting all speculations to rest, Sun Pictures, an unit of Sun TV, has brought this multilingual film for a whopping Rs. 165 crores.

The production house – Eros International had produced two Bollywood flicks Drona and Yuvvraj recently. But these films did not do well at the box office and the production house was reeling under severe financial pressure ever since these releases. It is said that the producers were looking for a suitable “buyer” to sell Endhiran, as they could not continue with the project. The major factor that was taken into consideration during the discussion with Sun Pictures was Rajinikanth’s call sheet. It is said that Rajini was due to take part in the shooting from December 19th, 2008 to January 30th 2009. The next schedule was due to commence from February 4th onwards. The producers probably did not want to waste this all-important call sheet and therefore settled for a quick solution.

With director Shankar in no mood to compromise on the production cost of the movie, the extremely high advance amount that Eros International had paid to some of the top actors and actresses from Bollywood for future projects and the overall global economic meltdown, are the other factors attributed to their inability to support Endhiran any further. An official announcement is expected from Sun Pictures.

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