The 50 best US television shows

With so many quality imports competing for attention, we’ve picked our 50 best US television shows of recent years to feed your episodic addiction.

50. Reaper

A fine example of slacker comedy with a hint of Ghostbusters and a little bit of Kevin Smith thrown in for good measure.

49. The Office

They took our show, changed it, and now they’re selling it back to us. To be honest, it’s a different beast entirely, but laugh out loud funny.

48. The Mentalist

I suspect Derren Brown is the second coming of Christ – if he turns water into wine at the next Channel 4 Christmas party I’m off to join his flock.

But surely he should be using his Jedi mind tricks for more than bewildering the masses. With great power comes great responsibility. Shouldn’t Brown be campaigning for world peace, smoothing proceedings at the G20 or supporting Madge’s latest adoption attempt? He could even help the police, exactly the premise behind this surprisingly decent hit US crime show.

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