Each Infosys employee worth Rs 9.7 Million

Each employee at IT bellwether Infosys Technologies is worth as much as Rs 97 lakh, mainly based on the potential value of their future earnings for the company.

The IT major’s total value of human resources, which includes both software professionals and support staff, is pegged at Rs 1,02,133 crore for the fiscal ended March 2009.

According to the company’s annual report, the human resources’ value of Rs 1,02,133 crore during fiscal 2009 was for 1,04,850 employees during the same period.

On an average, the same translates into a value of about Rs 97 lakh for each employee.

For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008, the value of human resources stood at Rs 98,821 crore while the total work force of the company stood at 91,187.

In FY 2009 the number of software professionals and support staff stood at 97,349 and 7,501 respectively, the report said.

The value of human resources is evaluated and based on the “present value of future earnings of employees” and few other factors, the company said.

Employee compensation includes all direct and indirect benefits earned both in India and overseas and the incremental earnings based on “group or age” are among the assumptions take into account, it added.

The report noted that the value is computed using the “Lev & Schwartz” model.

In the entire FY 2009, the company took on board 28,231 employees, but the net additions for the year were just 13,663.

“The year ahead would be challenging on the people front. Our continuous investment in capability development, training and certification would make us more competitive.

“We have tightened our performance management system to create a more focused workforce,” Infosys Head-HRD and Education & Research TV Mohandas Pai had said while releasing the FY 209 earnings figures.

The company’s employee strength has been steadily increasing from the past five financial years. The employee strength was 23,377 in FY 2004, 32,178 in FY 2005, 44,658 in FY 2006 and 59,831 in FY 2007.

“We continue to invest in our employees through training and building their skills across various technologies and domains,” the company had said.

For the fiscal ended March 2009, Infosys had posted a 28.5 per cent growth in consolidated net profit at Rs 5,988 crore and a 30 per cent growth in total income to Rs 21,693 crore as compared to the year-ago period.


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