Pregnancy flu advice highlighted

Expectant mothers and children under the age of five are being told they can reduce infection risk by avoiding crowded places and unnecessary travel.
The Department of Health said the advice was not new but was being given greater prominence. The move comes after a woman with swine flu died shortly after giving birth.

A 39 year old women, died in one of the London’s Whipps Cross Hospital on 13 July. Her baby is said to be very ill in intensive care. Another child under six months old, who died in London, is also among the latest victims of the virus.

If you are pregnant, you are slightly more susceptible to all infections. One of them is swine flu
Belinda Phipps,
National Childbirth Trust

The re-issued advice, to be collated and published on the NHS website on Sunday, is based on recommendations given out by the Royal College of Midwives. Health experts say because expectant mothers have suppressed immune systems, they could suffer possible complications if they contract swine flu, such as pneumonia, difficulty breathing and dehydration. Young children are also vulnerable. Pregnant women are being told to practise good hand hygiene by washing hands frequently with soap and water, and to avoid crowded places when possible. However, the NHS website emphasises that most expectant mothers who contract swine flu will only have mild symptoms and recover within a week.
The main advice to everyone is still to practise good hygiene and wash hands regularly, the Department of Health says.


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