Why girls flaunt their gay friends?

Who can forget about the popular TV soap ‘Will and Grace,’ which outlined the life of a girl staying with her gay friend- always happy and gay. They were inseparable and could give any romantic couple a run for their money (sans all the action in the bed), such was their chemistry. Look around you and you will realise that guy friends and girl friends are losing their sheen, rather making way for gay friends. But what could possibly be the reason – after all the biggest flattery for any woman is to see a guy drool over her? We found out five reasons:

Feels attractive : A girl with a gay friend wants to drive home the point that she is so attractive and sexy that even gays are attracted to her. Irrespective of his sexual preference, she basks in the feeling that he prefers to stay by her side. “I feel every girl needs a gay friend. My gay friends are sexier than my other guy friends and I love to have them around me. It’s therapeutic and makes me feel in control!” says writer Aindrita Dutta.

Feels cool and progressive : No matter how liberated our society is, when it comes to gay men, eyebrows are raised even today. So when people see a girl coolly walk in with her gay friend, they take notice. “I have noticed my girl pals do this all the time. They love the world to know that they are with their gay friend. It makes them feel one up on the others. He is like a ‘trophy’ friend,” says MBA student Kirti Kapoor.

Gives emotional support : Since gay men are in touch with their emotional side, a girl always finds him great company in times of stress. Gay guys would not want to talk about girly bodily functions or want to wear make-up, but they give you a comforting shoulder. Call centre executive Ronita Bose feels, “Unlike other men, my gay pal will hear me out patiently; genuinely advise me if I have boyfriend issues without any malicious intentions. He won’t try to take advantage of the situation.”

Great partner for shopping : While a woman might get competitive shopping alongside a female friend, she can be rest assured when shopping with her gay friend. Most gay men can be completely honest with you and even be blatant if you are not looking sexy. If the dress is a misfit, he will not mince words. Laughs Shilpi Sinha, “When I go out with my gay friend, I always end up spending more. He encourages me to buy extravagantly, unlike my boyfriend and also compliments me when I need it the most.”

Admire guys together : It is kind of necessary for gay men to talk about guys they feel attracted to, but then girls know that they would safely not be competing for the same man. It’s a lot of drama that both parties seem to love! “I enjoy going out to pubs or mall hopping with my gay friend. We admire men together and it’s so much fun. It’s an open world out there,” quips air hostess Deepika Gosain.


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