Hi Readers!!!!!! You would have come across several entrepreneurs. But there are unknown young lads who had managed to become entrepreneurs in a short time and are unknown to the world. I have decided to throw light on their lives and how they have managed to achieve a niche in the internet industry.

A trio from South Chennai joined hands to try their luck in blogging and started a common blog called Lion king’s Studio on Jan 1st 2009 which turned their lives. They just started the company with $30 (the lowest amount that you can never imagine to start a business, each sharing $10). Today the company’s monthly turnover is $2000 and they are one of the top 10 bloggers in Chennai!

The trio Manikandan , Karthik and Narayanan  are the lads who had brought the change. Manikandan is currently the CEO of LKS, Karthik is the CFO of LKS and Narayanan is the COO.

They have worked hard to achieve success in their lives and they have target the internet marketing as the new source to tap money. Making money from the internet is the future revolution that will be ruling the world. Many people do not know the hidden treasure that lays deep buried in the internet and it needs many internet explorers to tap them out.

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