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INOX: Chennai : 09:45 AM , 03:45 PM , 06:50 PM , 10:00 PM
Mayajaal Multiplex : 11:04 AM , 11:05 AM , 12:00 PM , 01:54 PM , 01:55 PM , 02:50 PM , 04:44 PM , 04:45 PM , 05:40 PM , 07:34 PM , 07:35 PM , 08:30 PM , 10:24 PM , 10:25 PM , 11:20 PM
Rakesh multiplex : 11:15 AM , 02:15 PM , 06:15 PM , 09:30 PM
Sangam Multiplex : 11:30 AM , 12:00 PM , 03:00 PM , 03:15 PM , 06:30 PM , 06:30 PM , 10:15 PM
Ganapathy Ram Cinema : 11:30 AM , 02:45 PM , 06:30 PM , 09:45 PM
Abirami Multiplex – annai : 11:45 AM , 06:30 PM , 10:00 PM
Sathyam Cinemas : 12:00 PM , 03:15 PM , 06:30 PM
Anna Cinema : 01:00 PM , 04:00 PM , 07:00 PM , 10:00 PM
Maharani cinema : 06:30 PM , 10:00 PM

♥ ♥ Hosanna Lyrics ♥ ♥

Yennn idhayam…
Udaiythaiy norungavé…
Yennn maru idhayam…
Tharuvén nee udaikavé…

Ohh Oooh…Hosanna…Hosanna…Ohh Ohh… ( x 2 )

Andha néram andhi néram
Kan paarthu kandhalaagui pona néram
Yédho aaché…

Oh vaanam theendi vandhachu
Appavin veettu ellam kaatrodu
Poyé poché…

Hossanna …En vaasal thaandi ponaalé
Hosanna..Vérondrum séiyamalé

Naan aadi poghirén
Sukku noor aaghirén
Aval pona pinbu yéndhan nenjai
Thédi poghirén…

Hosanna…Vaazhvukum pakkam vandhén
Hosanna…Saavukkum pakkam nindrén
Hosanna…Yén endral kadhal enbén

Hey babe i never wanna know what’d be lika feel lika
I really wanna be here with you…
It’s not enough to say that we are made for each other
It’s love that is hosanna true
Hossana’ll be there when you’re callin’ out my name…
Hossana…feeling like my whole life has changed…
I never wanna be the same…
It’s time we rearrange…
I take a step,you take a step, I’m here callin’ out to youu…


Vanna vanna pattu poochi
Poo thédi poo thédi
Angum ingum alaighindradhé
Oh sottu sottaiy
Thotu poga mégam ondru mégam ondru
Eng’engo nagarghindradhé

Hosanna pattu poochi vandhacha
Hosanna mégam unnai thottacha
Kilinjal aaghirén naan
Kuzhandhai aaghirén
Naan unnai alli kaiyil véythu pothi kolghirén


Hosanna… en meedhu anbu kolla
Hosanna…yénnodu sérndhu sella
Hosanna…Humm endru sollu podhum

Yennn idhayam…..
Udaiythaiy norungavé…..
Yennn maru idhayam……
Tharuvén nee udaikavé…

Yennn idhayam…
Udaiythaiy norungavé…
Yennn maru idhayam…
Tharuvén nee udaikavé…

I tried my best to write Blaaze’s rap !!
HiT Thx & Add Reps to encourage meeee !!!!!!

January 11, 2010. movies.


  1. Ramkumar Natarajan replied:

    ROmba Thanks nga….

  2. chella replied:

    thanks a lot buddy. loved it.

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  4. sriki replied:

    bossss.lyrics’ too good

  5. preeth replied:

    correction! appavin “THITU”(not “vettu” ) yellam katrodu poye pochae

    • bulletmani replied:

      Dear Preethi

      Thank you very much.


  6. Sathish replied:

    your are the next Blaaaaaazee..

  7. Allen replied:

    corrections in Blazee’s…

    Everybody wanna know how I feel like, feel like, I really wanna be here with you.
    Its not enough to say that we are made for each other its love that is Hosannah true.
    Hosannah, be there when you are calling I will be there.
    Hosannah, feeling like my whole life has changed.
    I never wanna be the same, its time we rearrange. I take a step, you take a step and me calling out to you..
    Helloooo, Halloooo, Halooo.. Hosannah..

  8. Vithun replied:

    ohhhhhhhhhh.Sooooooooooooooooo much thanks

  9. frinnus replied:

    super machiii

    • bulletmani replied:

      Thanks dude…ellam un aasirvadham dhaan machi

  10. Rakesh replied:

    Mr. Mani..
    Good job.. it was an commendable.. job..

  11. terry replied:

    c’mon man!!! u jus rock!! soo good!!!!!!!

    • bulletmani replied:

      Thanks dude…

  12. vivek replied:

    you r the real bullet with lyrics dude. Thanx n well done

    • bulletmani replied:

      thanks dude

  13. Raki replied:

    Bullet machi,

    Lyrics supero super… Excellent job… Go ahead…


    • bulletmani replied:

      thank u machi…

  14. Ela replied:

    Bulletmanii kallukitinngaaa

  15. Ela replied:

    Super machhiii bulletmanii kallakitingaaa

  16. jeevi replied:

    was amazing
    thanks for giving lyrics for this song
    my favorite,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. rizka replied:

    nice and beautiful song………..

  18. dharshini replied:

    hey i guess its appavin thittu ellem kaatrodu poye pochu!!
    but anyways done a gr8 job!!!

    • bulletmani replied:

      thanks buddy

  19. chellacuty replied:

    Hosannah, be there when you are calling OUT MY NAME…

    gud job allen….

  20. shimi replied:

    gud job dude….keep it up ….n all the bst 4 ur future..

    • bulletmani replied:

      thnk u very much dear

  21. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya replied:

    thank you very much man,
    hey you want to look some other Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

  22. Cathrine replied:

    There is no one born yet to beat u……!
    Fantastic sweet heart……!!!!!!

    • bulletmani replied:

      thank u so much sweety…

  23. ramya replied:

    thanxs ya for the lyriczzzzzzzzzzz. hosana superb song

  24. Jerin de vassy replied:

    Mr. Mani………u are really a great man…….. Nice work dude…….thanks for ur effort

  25. CLOUDY replied:

    Thanks And Good Work Man……….

  26. ram replied:

    great work man…

  27. sithick replied:

    nice thankyou

  28. manimaran replied:

    this is a lurjen song…. thanks 2 A.R&writer….

    loat of thank by simbu……

  29. manimaran replied:

    i love this all line… by simbu priyen MANIMARAN.P… VISHNU…KAGE…

  30. Sudarshan replied:

    You are the best. You have done an amazing job man.. Cheers

  31. Sridhar replied:

    Superb thala, rap thaan thookkuthu. first class Keep it up and continue. We all waiting and expecting more from u


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