When not to have sex

There have been innumerable articles on how and when to have sex, ways to make sex more fun etc. you have enjoyed sex through your pregnancy, taken it to places apart from your bedroom and discovered how much fun quickies can be.

However, there are times when sex is not a good idea. We list them out for you:

Bladder problem

You could get an infection in your urinary tract if you do not drink enough water or do not eat your greens. In that case, abstain from sex. According to Dr Hamid Ali, a Delhi-based gynaecologist, “This makes the area dry and painful. Sex during this time will only lead to more pain and irritation.” The infection can also pass on to your partner.

Vaginal infection

If your vagina is infected by either bacteria or yeast, it can get itchy, inflamed and painful. “Bacterial and yeast infections can spread easily. You can use a condom but even slight contact with a healthy part of the body spread the infection,” warns Dr Aditi Ghoshal, a Mumbai-based gynaecologist.

You have had an abortion

If you have just undergone an abortion, it is advisable for you not to have sex for at least 45 days. Give your uterus and vagina enough time to heal. “This is also applicable immediately after pregnancy or if you have had a miscarriage,” says Dr Ali.

Hepatitis B

If either of you is recovering from a bout of hepatitis, sex is off the charts until you recover. “Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease. The virus is transmitted through blood and body fluids. A doctor can tell you when it is okay for you to have sex again,” says Dr Ali.

A full house

Imagine waking up after a night of fun and running into your aunt who gives you a smirk and winks like she knows all! Eeks! Either hold off sex till the guests have gone or cut the noise out!

So remember all these tips and have a healthy sex life!


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