Pugs–Lovable pet

After having done a series of commercials with the telecom giant vodafone,The pugs seem to have been welcomed by with open arms by the indian audience.Their popularity can be gauged with the demand for the animal.In the last few months,There has been a drastic rise in the sale of the animal.
The pug is a toy dog breed with a wrinkly face and a small body.The breed is often summarised as “much in little,”Though word PUGG which means “PLAYFUL LITTLE DEVIL OR MONKEY”,and a puppies of this breed are often called PUGLETS.

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Carla Bruni no longer a man eater

One of the most seducing women in the world Carla Bruni who hwd a wedlock with the Frecnch President Nicholas Sarkozy claims that she will not be a man-eater anymore as it would hurt her hubby .The former Italian model acknowledged that she had trown all her playful char so that people don critisize her.

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The Devil’s Swimming Pool

Would you go swimming here ?????

The magnificent Victoria falls is situated in Zimbabwe,Africa at a height of 128m. The location is known as DEVIL’S SWIMMING POOL.During the months of september and december people can swim upto the edge¬† of the falls without falling over.

It’s getting popular each day and more and more people are daring much to have the experience.

U dare??????

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