Sex Workers starts Restaurant in Mysore

Ashodaya, a restaurant started by a group of male and female sex workers and transgenders provides meals and breakfast .Situated near the great Mysore palace, the restaurant was grandly opened by the Comissioner Mr. Parashivamurthy on tuesday,the day observed as world AIDS day.

I am sure I would spread a word about this place when I go home,” adds Angela Corrs from UK who was happily indulging in the very Indian dish-puri and fried dal. “Yes, I know who run this resto and why. This effort sends out a strong signal that if sex workers really want a dignified life, they can have it.”

¬†“This is certainly not the kind of hotel we’d look around, but we want to join these guys’ humble effort for a change for good,” says Robert, another foreign custom enjoying the spice morning food.

The investment for the business costed Rs 4.5 lacs and a daily turnover of Rs 3000 makes their monthly expenses.

If all the sex workers in INDIA & World reads this article then the research for AIDS  medicine is not needed.Hope all sex workers lead a gentle life soon.

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